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Services & Healing Tools

Personal Training

Serving the DC Metro area.

Location of physical training service:

Fitness 4 Less , 6824 laurel Bowie Rd. Bowie, MD 20715

Facility sessions offered at 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length unless otherwise specified or arranged.

In-home sessions 60 minutes minimum 

Discount rate offered for sessions purchased as a package (minimum of 24
sessions) with automatic recurring biweekly, monthly, or a one-time payment.

Training sessions must be paid prior to the commencement of service.

Buddy sessions available. Request additional information.

On-line coaching available.

Nutrition Assistance

Nutrition Counseling, monitoring and modifications included.

*Gift Certificates may be purchased for any services offered.*

Energy Healing

Reiki services available. Reiki is a Japanese lying on of the hands healing method that effectively transfers "universal life energy."  It supports total body health and harmony.

For additional information click here.

Aromatouch is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians to create a powerful whole body wellness experience by reducing physical and emotional stressors.

For additional information click here.

Essential Oil education designed to educate on the therapeutic uses of essential oils for physical, emotional and mental support.

For additional information click here.

CoCo Amour Healing Circles

Coco Amour Healing Circles emerged from our (Chanel Smith owner of Sound Body Solutions, LLC and Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin owner of Ragbaby Exchange) desire to connect to one another, to raise our vibrational energy, to heal past trauma, to unpack the chaos of life, to unearth our truths, to forgive, to love and to live in the light. We use doll making, essential oils, journaling, meditation and verbal expression to heal. 


​​Abayomi is a Yoruba word in two parts; Abay – meaning meeting and Omi – meaning precious.  During Atlantic slave trade, mothers would take pieces of cloth from their skirts and make these now traditional Abayomi dolls to either calm or remember their children. The dolls were way to maintain hope and later became symbols of resistance and protection of the soul.


CoCo Amour Healing Circles creates safe space to create dolls to help address the dismissal, lack of understanding and the impact that the historical trauma has left on African, African American and White people.  In this space, we share emotions and experience breakthroughs without fear of judgement or counseling.  Acknowledgement fosters understanding that leads to compassion, forgiveness and healing.  

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