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I hated everything about the gym and I didn’t want a trainer. Me and my wife then fiancé  wanted to get in shape for our wedding. We had some pretty bad habits with food and weren’t exercising. Chanel had been working with my now wife for almost a year before our wedding when my wife purchased a gift certificate for training sessions.

It was a struggle at first, I wanted to quit a few times but once I started seeing the results and how good I felt I was hooked! My body started to change I can do push-ups, squats, bike and take longer walks without being out of breath or agony. I went down two shirt sizes, stabilized my blood pressure and love cauliflower rice! Working out with Chanel gave me the confidence to charge of my health and made me realize it’s never too late to be your best in your life!


In 2013 I moved to Maryland and I was no longer playing sports, so I needed to find something I like that would help me stay in shape.I started running short distances for a while, then as my body became acclimated i was able to run 5 or 6 miles at a time. I did this for about 5 months and noticed that I only lost 10 lbs and my body didn't really look different.


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I have had trainers before who were challenging and good at their jobs but working with Chanel has been a totally different experience for me. This experience has been the most challenging because Chanel is the complete package! There have been times when my results weren’t good or I have felt like I was taking more steps backward instead of forward but, she has always met me at my level. If my food choices weren’t good we designed eating plans that educated me and made me aware of my habits. If I wasn’t performing in the gym Chanel would take the time to talk with me about my focus and what was happening around me.

Chanel always brings a new challenge to our sessions ones that engage not just my body but my mind and spirit. Since I have been working with Chanel I have lost weight, gained confidence and learned to be my biggest cheerleader and will myself to meet my goals!



Many years ago as I took care of my sick parents, now deceased, I met an elderly nurse who saw me “doing it all”; taking care of my parents, working full-time, traveling for work, going to graduate school at night and dealing with my own recovery from a ruptured my Achilles tendon. She looked at me on my crutches and said you are taking care of everyone else, but who is taking care of you.  I said no one.  I dare not tell her a pint of Haagen Dazs was taking care of me…soothing my soul.  She said honey, “you are not going to make it.  You need to do something for yourself.  What is it that you would like to do that would make you happy?”  I said, “I need to get this weight off of me.”  Both of my parents, particularly my mother detested how I “let myself go”, my mom was more vocal about it and would remind me how I was “ruining my figure” and how a woman should not “let herself go”.  Motivated by the elderly nurse, I joined Crunch gym in Manhattan and my hairstylist recommended a personal trainer there that would help me.  It was a fantastic experience. I strength trained three times a week for an hour and lost 30 pounds, I was fit and toned.  Strength training was my outlet.  As life stressors continued, I looked forward to my sessions and would reward myself with time in the steam room before heading back to reality that awaited me in Queens.


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It is with great pleasure to write this testimonial for my one and only ever personal trainer, Chanel Smith! I remember when I first met Chanel. She projected an imagine of total health and still does till this day and I know forever. I’m glad I introduced myself to her and she graciously affording me the opportunity to get to know her story and for me to share mine. Chanel has a way of engaging you to get to know what you as an individual have in common with her when it comes to health and nutrition. Chanel is never overly critical nor too judgmental but she will give you a gentle persuasive nudge in the right direction of becoming aware of your health and you can’t get mad at her about it because she is ALWAYS RIGHT! 


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After suffering a debilitating stroke, my medical team led me to believe that my life would forever include a walker or a cane. I was sent home to do series of exercises that basically left me bored and not walking any better. Since I met Chanel in 20?? (WHAT YEAR), I’ve learned to love working out at the gym. Chanel pushes me to new levels than I ever thought I could achieve. Although my arms still do not look like Michelle Obamas arms and I occasionally lose my balance, I have gotten stronger and healthier. I owe this to Chanel’s dedication to teaching me how to overcome physical adversity. Thank you Chanel for making me better each day.


Chanel's training yields results! I successfully completed a 10K with Chanel's training program. That's why she has been my personal trainer over the past 10 years. She is professional and empathetic and always delivers more than expected! She's pushes you beyond what you think you may be capable off but we know success lies beyond our comfort zone! Thanks Chanel for making me better!


I reached out to Chanel when I realized I needed help recovering from an injury I had from running a half marathon. Chanel gave me a swift kick in the butt, with love, care and understanding.  What came next was my own willingness to change.  Once the mental change happened, the physical change came naturally. OMG!  What happened next was amazing, I was able to do squats and lunges as I had before the injury. I’m in a smaller size, I have increased energy, and I’m physically stronger. The icing on the cake is Chanel, another one of her clients and I completed a 10K over the Bay Bridge last year. Thanks to Chanel I am able to run again. Working with her has been a blessing. I truly appreciate her patience, discipline and caring firmness and helping me recovery


Chanel Smith is the ideal trainer for me! She has a great personality. She’s patient, knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced. I trust her. She puts together total body workout sessions that challenges me. There are times when I want to give up. She constantly gives encouragement throughout my workouts. She knows when to make adjustments to keep me on track. That’s due to her ability to know my fitness and skill level. She also varies my workouts to avoid boredom and over working the muscles. I like the fact that she’s certified, affordable and conveniently located.


I had great hesitation at first about having a personal trainer at the great young age of 70! After a year or so later, I’m still going strong! I definitely see an improvement in my fitness level, muscle tone and not to mention the loss of weight. Thanks Chanel!


Chanel is truly a phenomenal, professional fitness trainer. I am extremely pleased with the quality of her services. I sincerely am appreciative of her attentiveness and responsiveness to my needs as a client. More importantly, she has helped me to maintain my health and continues to motivate me to pursue and maintain my fitness goals. I highly recommend Chanel as a personal fitness trainer.


"Exercise does matter" In late August during a routine physical, I was diagnosed borderline diabetic. What does it mean to be borderline diabetic? It means my numbers were on the concern line, spiking upwards from one physical to the next. Being a young 53 year old Afro American male, it is not uncommon to become a diabetic with hypertension and high cholesterol with minimum symptoms so mild that they are passed off as getting tired or just having a bad day. To my utter surprise my numbers indicated something different: Glucose 6.7, after diet and exercise 3.4. All other ranges were cut in half after diet and a daily exercise program designed by Chanel. Her dedication to team Reed proved to be just what the Doctor ordered. In recent days with extensive travel both business and pleasure over the past 6 weeks my workout's have suffered, but not my determination to remain medication free. It is with faith, diet and exercise that you can be medication free also.



During my recent aromatherapy reiki treatment I found myself revisiting places that I went as a teen. No amusement parks or roller skating rinks. I found myself standing at the corner of Albany Ave and Sterling Place. It was quiet. – which is actually uncharacteristic of that intersection. I just stood there gazing and waiting. I also found myself on the corner of Empire Blvd and Flatbush Ave. I was standing on the side of the old Wetson’s Hamburger stand where we would wait for Grandma to get off the bus at the end of her day work in Flatbush. She always wore a white uniform but I now she wasn’t a real nurse. Just our Grandma nurse who could make everything better.  This treatment occurred exactly one week after my father’s funeral. It wasn’t until his death that I found out he was born in Brooklyn. Maybe that’s why I visited Brooklyn in my quiet time on the table.


I feel every touch and smell every scent. Yet my mind is travelling to other spaces. It is in times of quiet rest that we truly heal. The medicine helps. RIGHT eating and physical activity help. But it’s the times when our mind and body is truly still that we can heal ourselves. Aromatherapy Reiki with Chanel allows me to heal.


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