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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

In every adversity, look for the benefit that can come out of it. Even bad experiences offer benefits, but you have to look for them.--John E. Copage

Now that we are several weeks into the stay-at-home mandate, I am hoping that you are adjusting. In the beginning, I think the shock of it all was enough to send people into panic, mayhem, depression, despair, fear and sadness. While you may still be experiencing one if not all of these emotions, it’s time to put things in perspective, get emotional support if needed (self-care is important and there is no shame in it) and begin to adapt to this new way of living. Time to be introspective and structure our lives in a productive manner.

There are many resources for us to take advantage of. Do not allow this time to pass you by without being productive in some way. I have compiled a list of things to help you find your outlet for maintaining spiritual, physical and mental balance. Please remember to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Humanity thrives off of our connectedness. Be compassionate and loving. See the beauty all around people and nature.

Though the media outlets drill us with social distancing messages, it is really physical distancing that is pertinent. We do not have to live reclusive lives unless we choose. Stay connected through all the technology we have at our finger tips. Virtual conference calls through the free basic Zoom plan provides a 40 minute time limit on meetings with three or more total participants.

There are no restrictions on walking, safe outside exercise and talking to your neighbors from several feet away. Plan block parties where you stay in front of your homes but enjoy the company of your neighbors. Be safe, maintain distance and cover your face for safety in your necessary travel.

1. If you are interested in Virtual fitness training of course feel free to contact me directly. Exercise boosts the immune system which is what we need to combat ailments including this new virus.

2. I will also be hosting Essential Oil Education Virtual Classes and will post the dates and link in the future.

3. Ivy League schools are offering free on line classes. When was the last time you had an opportunity to take a course at an Ivy League school?

4. Prince George’s County Memorial Library Virtual Events

5. Alison Free Online Courses

6. Meditation Museum Virtual Events

7. Global Language Network Virtual Foreign Language Classes

8. Prince George’s African American Museum

9. Evening Meditation 7-7:30pm

(605) 313-511 code 114336

10. DC Museum Virtual Events

11. Other resources for virtual activities.

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